Frequently Asked Questions

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Beacon is a portable disinfecting tool that leverages a special wavelength of UV light to disinfect your home. The wavelength is called Far-UVC 222 nm. Unlike traditional UV lights, Beacon is safe for use around you and your loved ones. It’s the perfect tool for disinfecting your home without the use of harsh cleaning products and chemicals.

Beacon’s Far-UVC 222 nm wavelength is completely different from traditional UV lights used for phone cleaning or tanning beds. Studies have shown that traditional UV lights are harmful when exposed to humans. Unlike those lights, the wavelength Beacon uses is completely safe for human exposure. More information on Beacon’s safety can be found under Research.

Beacon can eliminate the Covid-19 coronavirus and other germs and viruses from an enclosed space. If you’d like to learn more, here is the science behind the effectiveness of Beacon’s Far-UVC 222 nm lamp:

  • From a renowned science researcher at Columbia University in New York City, Dr. David Brenner answers this question by stating in a recent Forbes article, “…far-UVC lamps would be useful to reduce not only the transmission of COVID-19 but, ongoing, also other airborne diseases such as seasonal influenza, measles and TB – not to mention the next pandemic virus when it comes. I might just add in terms of safety, that there are already national and international regulations as to how much UV light of a particular wavelength people can safely be exposed to. The far-UVC vendors are designing their lamps to stay well within these regulatory safety limits.”
  • In a study published in June 2021, the findings of far-UVC 222nm light was extremely promising: “Far-UVC Light Safely Kills Airborne Coronaviruses,” preliminary findings declared in the study headline. “Based on our results, continuous airborne disinfection with far-UVC light at the current regulatory limit could greatly reduce the level of airborne virus in indoor environments occupied by people,” Brenner reported. It’s the ‘occupied by people’ proviso that’s a game-changer; most ultraviolet light is harmful to humans and used in unoccupied spaces.

We recommend installing Beacon in your home’s most heavily trafficked areas and open spaces. This includes kitchens, mudrooms, foyers, or any other space where family and friends might congregate or spend time.

Yes! Beacon can be on when you are in the room. It is completely safe for use around you, your family, and anyone who visits your home.

Beacon has received the following safety credentials:

  • UL
  • EPA

To ensure daily disinfecting, we recommend enabling your Beacon to be on for a minimum of XX hours per day. The Beacon App includes a timer so that you can adjust your light’s working hours. For example, you may wish to set your timer to disinfect your kitchen at the end of each day.

Because Beacon is safe to use around everyone, there’s no limit to the number of Beacons you have in your home. As an easy rule of thumb, we recommend 1 Beacon for each heavily trafficked, standard-sized room. This includes kitchens, mudrooms, foyers, or any other space where family and friends might congregate or spend time.

Each Beacon comes with an indicator card that can be used to test the light. To use the card, all you need to do is hold it in front of your turned-on Beacon. Within XX seconds, the card will turn XX, indicating that the light is functioning correctly.

We recommend your Beacon stays on for XX hours per day, with 45-minute cool down windows in between each use. You can use the Beacon App to set your Beacon to your timing preferences.

Beacon is currently patent-pending.