About Us

Who We Are

We grew up in Mundelein, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL, in the 1980s and were raised by a boundary-breaking, persevering mother and incredibly smart father. We were taught to work hard, invest in our communities, and give back. Each of us attended undergraduate school in the Midwest: Brian and Andrea attended the University of Illinois, and Dan attended Purdue University.

Dan gained experience in the medical device market before starting his own medical device company. Andrea, after completing her Masters in Public Health and Masters in Healthcare Communications, worked in multiple innovative high-growth healthcare technology startups. Brian obtained his Juris Doctor degree and became a licensed attorney. He then completed his MBA at Chicago Booth where he started a technology company to use AI to automate the analysis of law and regulation.

Later Years

As Andrea says – "Some families email and text – our family Slacks!" We have often discussed starting a company together due to our complementary skill sets and similar values, yet the timing wasn’t yet right.

Enter 2020 and COVID-19: Brian called Dan and Andrea and said ""I have an idea""...and thus Humn Project began.

We are fortunate that our experiences and passions aligned to provide us an opportunity to make a difference: to give back to the communities that supported us, to contribute to the general welfare of others, and to support the creation of value, health, and wealth.