Keep your home clean and germ-free with the power of light.

What is Beacon?

Beacon harnesses the power of light to safely eliminate germs from your home. Beacon uses a special wavelength of UV light called Far-UVC 222 nm, which unlike traditional UV lights, is safe for use around you and your loved ones. It’s the perfect tool for disinfecting your home without the use of harsh cleaning products and chemicals.

Is Beacon For Me?

Beacon is for everyone! It is designed to keep spaces in your home clean and germ free.

Protecting Communities

By bringing the power of light to your home, you are helping others in need keep their homes safe. Beacon’s parent company is structured as a Benefit Corp, which means that for every 5 Beacons sold, the company will donate 1 Beacon to an at-risk and vulnerable community. This ensures more equitable distribution of germ prevention.

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